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Giveaway | The Art of Living Well

At Akola, we integrate health and sanitation into our model for women’s empowerment, which begins with community infrastructure and culminates in leadership development. Quality of health and sanitation has proven significant in the successful empowerment of marginalized women and  their families and communities.
In order to implement Akola’s empowerment model, Akola builds the infrastructure for
economic opportunity in the rural communities with whom we partner in Uganda. This construction, which includes water wells, vocational training centers and roads, provides healthy and sanitary environments for Akola members to live and work in. Additionally, as Akola empowers women in poverty through training, employment and holistic development programs, our team addresses the health and sanitation challenges faced by our members.

Impact to date:

  • Akola has drilled 23 water wells in rural Uganda.
  • HIV/AIDS COUNSELING & TESTING Akola partners with the AIDS Information Center (AIC) in Jinja to provide HIV testing and counseling to all Akola members in Eastern Uganda. AIC counselors meet with each member to review her test results. For those who test positive, counselors offer additional emotional support, as well as practical information about where the member can receive free HIV/AIDS treatment.
  • MALARITA TESTING - Akola partners with the AIC to host “Lunch and Learn” seminars where AIC team members give talks on malaria. Additionally, Akola sponsors free malaria blood tests.
  • TUBERCULOSIS EDUCATION - Akola partners with the AIC to launch informational seminars on the dangers of TB. These seminars are particularly relevant for Akola members because they and their children are among those at the highest risk for TB: babies, young children, and HIV positive individuals. The seminar shares about the types of TB, how TB works, the symptoms of TB, how TB is different from other diseases, how to prevent TB, and how to treat TB.
  • VISION MAINTENANCE - Akola provides free vision tests and reading glasses for women in the program, who require them for their work.
  • FAMILY PLANNING & MATERNAL HEALTH SEMINAR - Akola partners with the Uganda Village Project to offer our members in Eastern Uganda programs on family planning and maternal health. The program covers the importance of family planning, myth and misconceptions and presents healthy family planning methods.
  • WELLNESS - Wellness Officer is another leadership position available to Akola members. Wellness Officers support the physical and emotional health of fellow Akola members during times of loss and celebration by attending funerals, births and weddings. Additionally, Wellness Officers visit the members when they are very sick in order to offer practical and spiritual support. 


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