Meet The Women

At Akola, we believe women are the backbone of their families and communities, yet across the globe and in our local neighborhoods, women experience overwhelming challenges. In Uganda, 40% of women are married as children and care for an average of nine dependents in Akola communities.
In Dallas, TX, 48% of single mothers live in poverty.

It is Akola’s desire and mission to change those statistics.

Since 2007, Akola has worked in rural villages in Northern and Eastern Uganda with women who have survived 20 years of civil war, have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and widows and young mothers who are the sole providers of their household and have little to no education. Akola offers employment to these women in Uganda through the production of our raw materials, the assembly of our jewelry and management roles.

Since 2014, Akola Dallas has partnered with local nonprofits who refer women to Akola’s vocational training and flexible work program. These women have varying backgrounds of former incarceration, survivors of sexual trafficking and domestic violence.  Akola offers work opportunities through the jewelry assembly program and distribution center at a living wage of up to $15 an hour.