Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!

Though the Akola lady in your life deserves to be showered with love and affection every day, who doesn't like feeling extra-appreciated on Valentine's?!

Being a holiday dedicated to adoration and thoughtfulness, Valentine's Day often strikes terror into the hearts of those who don't perceive themselves as "gift-savvy." Oftentimes, the pressure to purchase the perfect present for a beloved Valentine is immense, and leaves one feeling hopeless; the exact opposite of how this day is meant to make you feel!

So we want to help you pick out the perfect Akola piece for the special woman in your life! The best part? Each piece you purchase is fully made by and benefits an Akola woman in Uganda and Dallas by giving them opportunity to transform the lives of their children and communities. We are definitely strong believers in giving gifts that empower others. 
To get started, take the quiz below to determine what personality type that best matches your Valentine, be it your mother, wife, girlfriend; any woman whom you know that represents the strength, hope, power, and dignity of Akola. Simply answer a few questions about her likes and style, and we'll determine the perfect Akola piece to present to her. Spreading love and embracing progress all starts with a gift to your empowered woman this Valentine's Day.

Take the quiz below then shop the pieces that best match your lady's personality!

The Classic Lady

Your lady love is as stylish as she is classic. She emulates elegance in everything she does, from hosting grand parties to sipping tea on her front porch. Vibrant patterns, bright lips, and a sweeping sense of adventure are all staples of this fun-loving gal's irrepressible nature. She takes challenges into stride, charms everyone she meets, and knows how to make every moment count. 

Check out these pieces she might enjoy:



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The Modern Woman

Whether she's hailing a cab going to her next meeting or sipping on cocktails at a rooftop bar, your Modern Woman is probably decked out in an all black outfit with touches of leather. The only color you'll find on her is a bold red lip. Your lady is a sharp thinker with poise and confidence. She lives life in the fast lane, but always remembers the hard work she put into getting where she is and the people who helped her along the way.
Check out these pieces she might enjoy:



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The Bohemian Spirit

Her favorite outfit? Probably something flowy and Woodstock-ready. Your Bohemian belle is anything but ordinary, and conventional norms aren't really her thing. She somehow manages to balance a holistic, natural beauty all while keeping her finger on the pulse of the hottest trends. She's just as comfortable meditating under a tree as she is on stage, performing in front of a crowd. Her eclectic style reflects her worldly interests, and she's most likely got an unshakable case of wanderlust!

Check out these pieces she might enjoy:



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We hope that was a bit helpful! Show us what you chose for your special lady by tagging us on Instagram! @AkolaProject