Akola x Neiman Marcus

Akola's elevated collection retails in every Neiman Marcus store nationwide and online. This collection is made by 100 women coming out of poverty in Dallas and 100% of Akola's profits are reinvested in our social mission to empower women + families.

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Santorini Collection

Where the blues of the Mediterranean Sea meet the whitewashed streets of the Greek coast, we found inspiration for our Santorini Collection. Wherever your adventures lead, let Akola be part of your journey as we work together to redesign the stories of women.

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Akola Classics

Akola's mass-market line features our signature paper-beads and pendants that are hand-made by over 400 Akola-trained women in 7 communities across Uganda. Each bead is hand-rolled and supports a family of 10.

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  • About Akola

    Akola, "she works," is a disruptive jewelry brand - sold in every door at Neiman Marcus and beyond - that empowers women in poverty in Dallas and Uganda to redesign their stories.

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  • Akola Brand

    Akola is a new model: 100% of our profits are reinvested into our social mission to transform families in poverty by running our retail + manufacturing businesses through a non-profit framework. 100% of donations fund programs and brick and mortar projects to help women and their families.

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  • Full-Impact Supply Chain

    Akola trains + employs women in Uganda to make beads that go into every necklace. Akola women in Dallas earn a living wage of up to $15 an hour to hand-knot necklaces in silk. Akola's distribution center runs as a second chance job program for women who have criminal records, giving them a chance to enter the mainstream workforce.

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  • 100% Social Investment

    Since 2007, Akola has helped over 500 women transform the lives over 5,000 children in their communities by providing traning and economic opportunity. As a non-profit, Akola has launched programs in 12 development categories, built three training centers and drilled 23 water wells in impoverished communities throughout Uganda.

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Akola - "She works"
At Akola, design can define a life. For every necklace purchased, Akola designs a new story for a woman and a family. As a non-profit, Akola reinvests 100% of your purchase to support employment, training and programs that transform the lives of women and their families.