Make a Difference This Holiday Season - Akola Project
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Make a Difference This Holiday Season

A year ago, Akola started a pilot program to work with women in Dallas – women who are being rehabilitated from the sex trade, incarceration, and women on their pathway to citizenship. In partnership with 9 fellow local nonprofits, Akola is meeting the professional training and work needs of women living below the poverty line in our community. Dallas members fulfill online and boutique orders and assemble Akola products for select accounts in a supportive environment designed to help them reach their full potential.

Every week, 20 women come to work to assemble jewelry with paper beads hand-rolled by our members in Uganda, and to fulfill orders made by you and others across the United States. This is for them.

In celebration of their hard work and dedication, Akola is giving them a well-deserved Christmas Bonus! Help us raise $500 to provide each Akola Dallas member with a gift card this holiday season.  

Meet Akola’s nonprofit partners! Serve West DallasACTHIS Bridge BuildersBrother Bill’s Helping Hands, Kingsbridge, Voice of HopeMercy Street, and New Friends, New Life