Collar Necklace with Star Pendant

Color Way
Berry Splash
Ice Queen
Robin's Egg
Hint of Mint
Pendant Color
Gold Tone
Silver Tone

      Two Akola Dallas women's lives are enhanced during the distribution process of this jewelry. The more you purchase, the more they have to ship! This is a crucial step in providing work for these ladies and we thank you for your orders.

      Three strands of hand-rolled Keratasi paper beads, finished with a star shaped pendant inspired by the coptic designs of Ethiopia. The Collar necklace is one of Akola's iconic pieces and has become a symbol that is synonymous with our mission. Two of Akola women in Uganda hand-crafted this piece via hand-rolling paper beads and hand-knotting during assembly. 100% of product sales are reinvested in the social mission to empower women globally. Length: 20"

    • Classic Collection

      • We suggest the following tips for keeping your Akola jewelry looking beautiful:
      • Store your Akola jewelry in soft fabrics or sealed baggies to prevent scratching, tangling, and slow down the effect of oxidation due to environmental exposure.
      • Take off your Akola jewelry when you wash or do any physical activities.
      • Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, perfume, lotion and cleaning products that are responsible for oxidation of plating and damage metals.
      • Pieces composed of natural materials (horn, sea glass, stone) will vary in color, shape and pattern.




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