The First Milestone - Akola Project
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The First Milestone

SSince 2016, Akola has partnered with Dallas nonprofits to offer women the opportunity to earn an income by hand making jewelry. Akola strives to serve these women holistically, providing vocational training and dependable, flexible living wage work through our mission-driven jewelry business. These partnerships have provided over 150 women with a workplace experience and soft skills that act an important stepping stone in their journey toward employment and self-sufficiency. Through a successful retail partnership with Neiman Marcus, which is exclusively assembled in Dallas, Akola continues to provide an opportunity for women in crisis to transform their lives.

In 2018, Akola Dallas began a partnership with WiNGS, working with young mothers to empower them to become agents of transformation in their families and the local community. The joint efforts of our organizations have created a program that offers women the opportunity to earn a living wage from Akola plus improve their financial literacy and success through the services provided by WINGS. In their weekly coaching with the Akola Hope Journal, the women participating in the Akola/WINGS partnership have all reported an increase in hope and self-esteem since beginning the program. The financial security and confidence instilled by working to support their families has pushed the women to pursue a range of opportunities they previously only dreamed of obtaining. Two of the women are now taking classes to learn English so they can help their children study, while others have gone back to school to earn their high school diplomas. Through the course of the program, three of the women have also been able to provide better housing for their families with their Akola-earned income.

Your support has allowed Akola to achieve this milestone. Through your generosity, Akola has served 78 Dallas women this year, supporting them while they transform the lives of their families and communities. Thank you for joining our journey of empowerment.