Theory of Change - Holistic Empowerment - Akola Project
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Theory of Change - Holistic Empowerment

Through Akola's theory of change model, women are empowered to transform the lives of their children and communities. Each step provides innovative education programs for women to create lasting change.

1. BASIC NEEDS - Economic Empowerment
To ensure that women can meet the basic needs of their families, Akola offers vocational training, dependable work opportunities and financial inclusion programs.

2. RESTORATION OF HOPE - Social Services
Women are trained to facilitate empowerment programs including support groups, wellness trainings and monthly forums. These programs give women a voice as well as support in times of crisis.

Through Akola's educational programs, women are trained to use their income to implement desired change in their families and communities. This includes starting businesses, opening schools and running for office.

Impact Map