The Third Milestone

Three Community Change Projects

In Uganda, Akola women are incredibly grateful for the opportunities and life changes they have received through Akola’s programs. They are even eager to give back to their communities! Before Akola, many women and their families struggled because they lacked financial stability. They could not afford school fees for their children, or medicine for their families when they became ill. Now, through opportunities with Akola, children attend school, and families know stability and hope for their futures. They report feeling blessed by the changes in their lives that Akola provided, and they have begun to pursue ways to transform the community to help other people.

This year, in response to the Akola women's desire to give back to their communities, Akola launched a community change program in Uganda. This program offered a select group of highly motivated members access to a voluntary mentorship program consisting of extra training and one-on-one support as they work to transform their communities positively. The community change program began with members helping members construct their ideal society then, through various trainings, the program walked the members through critical components of enacting the changes they desired in their community.

Through collaboration with the community and training from the program, the community change members identified three community change projects. The projects included the reconstruction of a well, acquiring a tent for community use for big life events (weddings, funerals, etc.) and a roof for a community school. By November the school roofing and tent projects were implemented, and the water well project is near completion.