The Tenth Milestone - Akola Project
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The Tenth Milestone

Ten Programs, 400 Women

This year, Akola has continued to build its empowerment programming to better serve the needs and desires of the Akola’s members in Uganda. Akola’s programs in Uganda included Akola Academy, Community Change, Education Programs for Sustainable Pathways, Village Fellowship, Forum, Emotional Wellbeing, Village Savings and Loans Associations, Medical Assistance, Peer Wellness Support and Member-Led Program Design and Evaluation. This year, all ten of these programs have worked together to impact more than 400 women in Uganda, empowering each one of them to become agents of transformation in their families and communities through economic and personal development.

Of these ten programs, the Community Change program was newly introduced in 2018 in response to feedback from Members. Their families were being transformed and lifted out of poverty, but they wanted the tools and knowledge to implement programs that also transformed their neighbors and communities. After learning about community development planning and implementation, women have completed several community change projects including fixing a broken water well and fixing a local school’s roof.

Your support has made the milestones achieved by Akola in 2018 possible, and significantly impacted the families of each and every Akola Member. Thank you for joining our journey of empowerment.