The Sixth Milestone

6 objectives to reach stability

2018, Akola implemented lessons learned from our program evaluations and modified its Dallas program design in an effort to increase the impact of the wraparound services that accompany our jewelry assembly living wage opportunity. Akola is proud to have partnered our refined program design with one of the leading nonprofits in women’s financial empowerment in Dallas, WiNGS, to pilot a new and improved model aimed at transitioning Dallas women in crisis to stability. This Crisis to Stability pilot was created with the intention of testing, measuring and eventually replicating the collective impact model.

The program was created to achieve six objectives that assist Akola Members in reaching stability (unassisted and dependable access to basic needs). The objectives are divided into two categories, workplace experience objectives, and economic empowerment objectives. The workplace experience objectives are accomplished through a series of lessons and on-the-job training aimed at increasing workplace readiness in a real-world setting. The economic empowerment objectives are targeted through training and work opportunities that help women meet their basic needs and and demonstrate increased levels of money management.

Akola and WiNGS launched the Crisis to Stability pilot in August this year. As of October, all of the women reported an increase in hope and self-esteem through their Akola Hope Journals. The Akola-WiNGS Members are now making significant strides towards financial stability, professional development, and a more stable life for themselves and their families.

Your support has made the milestones achieved by Akola in 2018 possible, and significantly impacted the lives of dozens of Dallas women served by Akola this year. You are helping women transform the lives of their families and communities. Thank you for joining our journey of empowerment.