The Second Milestone - Akola Project
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The Second Milestone

Two Step Crisis to Stability Pilot and Plan

The city of Dallas bears the second highest number of people living below the poverty line of any American city. Dallas women and their families who live in poverty tend to cycle in and out of crisis-relief programs. While many of these programs can provide temporary relief, they often face barriers in finding long-term solutions that effectively address their clients’ complex needs. Akola seeks to target this population through its Crisis to Stability Project, which is designed to transform the lives of individuals facing high barriers to employment.

This year, Akola piloted the Crisis to Stability Project with WiNGS, one of the leading financial empowerment nonprofits in the City of Dallas. The Crisis to Stability Project is an innovative model comprised of two programs. The first, the Workplace Readiness Program, increases a woman’s employability, self-esteem, and self-efficacy through learning about and experiencing gainful employment. The second, the Economic Empowerment Program, provides living-wage temporary transitional employment for women so that they can meet their basic needs and increase their financial independence. Together, these programs provide women with the tools they need to transition out of crisis situations into stability.

Women in the program have reported increased self-esteem and new-found confidence since joining Akola in September.  Many have also made significant strides towards a better future for themselves and their families, including saving for the future, moving into better living situations, and acquiring transportation.