The Fourth Milestone

four pop up production sites

Akola has popped up in four locations throughout Dallas this year, continuing to work with women in these communities to assemble Akola’s luxury line for Neiman Marcus. In 2018, Akola partnered with the Dallas Housing Authority in West Dallas, Casa del Lago in Bachman Lake, Buckner Family Services in South Dallas and WiNGS near Love Field to host individual pop up production sites in neighborhoods across the city where women could come to work, bring their children, and earn a flexible, living wage income through the production of jewelry.

Partnering with various nonprofits in multiple production sites has allowed Akola to reach a diverse demographic of women throughout the city and provide a dignifying work opportunity to women who otherwise face high barriers to traditional employment, including limited access to childcare and lack of transportation. To date in 2018, Akola has directly distributed over $250,000 in wages to women working to make a difference for themselves and their families.

Akola’s work across Dallas has helped provide an avenue for women in these communities to access work-based income and professional skills on their pathway to transformational employment. Your support has made the milestones achieved by Akola in 2018 possible, and significantly impacted the lives of dozens of Dallas women served this year, transforming the lives of their families and communities. Thank you for joining our journey of empowerment.