The Fifth Milestone - Akola Project
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The Fifth Milestone

five new retail partners

Akola empowers women in crisis by providing work opportunities at a living wage. Women create a variety of jewelry and home goods products with a social impact, which retail in Neiman Marcus, at Wisteria, through the Home Shopping Network, and through Akola’s own storefronts and website, with 100% of the revenue reinvested in our mission.

Akola proudly shares that in 2018, five new retailers decide to partner with Akola by purchasing Akola products that empower women with an income opportunity, and infuse their families with hope. One Bead. One Hope. by Akola launched in CVS and JCPenney this fall, and will launch in early 2019 at select Walmart stores. In spring 2019, Nordstrom and will launch Akola jewelry. Akola has worked with top retailers to create purpose-first retail buying, allowing shoppers to use their purchasing power to help Akola transform the world.