Dallas Expansion Campaign - Akola Project
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Dallas Expansion Campaign

This month, Akola launches as the first Full Impact Brand™ in the Luxury Space to empower 500+ women in Uganda and Dallas.

... and we need your help.

A generous donor has stepped forward and will be matching all donations dollar for dollar up to $50,000!

Over the last 10 years, Akola has been vocationally training, employing, and empowering 400+ Uganda women living in extreme poverty. After being enrolled in Akola for years, those women, who at first did not have the dignity to even look us in the eyes, are now launching local businesses and even running for political office!

But there were women in our own city - women in Dallas - who also needed an opportunity. These women needed a chance to learn a skill and earn a true living wage that can transform their lives and their families. We launched a pilot program to bring living wage jobs to women in Dallas, women who had no other options. Akola members are women with felony records, women rescued from the sex trade, and women living in the extreme poverty in the margins of our society. The pilot had 12 women. And those 12 women were hand-crafting Akola jewelry, and earning dignified income, sometimes for the very first time.

Then we met with Neiman Marcus, and Akola's opportunity to expanded tenfold. We now have the product demand to provide work for over 100 women in Dallas. One hundred families can receive supplemental income that is the difference between marginalized and empowered. One hundred women who can learn a skill, earn a living wage, and transform her live and her family.

We want you to be a part of launching the first Full Impact Brand™.
We want you to be a part of changing the lives of 100 women and her families in Dallas.