Our Impact in Uganda

Since 2007, Akola has worked in rural villages in Northern and Eastern Uganda with women who have survived 20 years of civil war and those who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Akola Uganda is fully led by the Akola Women who are empowered to be agents of transformation in their communities!

Our Approach to Measuring Impact

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is critical in order to assess whether an organization, project or program is effective. It also gauges possible limitations to success, unintended consequences, and is used to inform program improvements. 
Akola not only uses M&E to measure our impacts and adjust our approach to achieving our mission but also uses M&E as a tool to achieve our mission of empowering marginalized women to become agents of transformation in their families and communities.

Who We Work With

1. HIV/AIDS Survivors 
2. Widows
3. Young Mothers
4. Elderly
5. Survivors of the 20+ year war
6. Women who are sole providers of their household
7. Women with little to no education

2016 Programs + Services

1. Vocational Training 
2. Employment Opportunities
3. Leadership and Professional Training
4. Financial Support Services
5. Business Development Programs
6. Rights-Based and Gender-Based Training
7. Counseling
8. Health and Wellness Programs
9. Social and Spiritual Support Services
10. Personal Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Goal Identification
11. Peer Leader Certification Process
12. Monitoring and Evaluation


Akola women who believe that they can achieve personal goals: 41% increase
Akola women who identify as having value as a woman: 54% increase
Akola women who believe they hold power in the household: 27% increase
Monthly income community members gain from Akola women: 20 - 100%
Akola women who identify happiness as a top attribute: 37% increase


Akola women have a healthier EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING 
Akola women are able to meet the BASIC NEEDS of their families
Akola women now have the ability to SAVE their earnings beyond tomorrow!

Meet our Uganda Women!