Our Impact in Dallas, TX - Akola Project
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Our Impact in Dallas, TX

Since 2014, Akola Dallas has partnered with local nonprofits who refer women to Akola's vocational training and flexible work program. We offer work through the jewelry assembly program and distribution center at a living wage of up to $15/hour. In 2016, through Akola's partnership with Neiman Marcus, Akola impacted over 100 women and 300 children through the assembly of exclusive Neiman Marcus products.

Who We Work With

1. Formerly Incarcerated
2. Immigrants
3. Survivors of Sexual Trafficking
4. Survivors of Domestic Violence
5. Women-Headed Households

Referral Organizations

1. ACT
2. Brother Bill's Helping Hand
3. Buckner International
4. Dallas Housing Authority
5. Exodus Ministries
6. Genesis Women's Shelter
7. Mercy Street Ministries
8. New Friends, New Life
9. Salvation Army
10. Serve West Dallas
11. West Dallas Community School

Production Site Partners

1. Buckner International
2. Dallas Housing Authority
3. Exodus Ministries


Akola women have a healthier EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING 
Akola women are able to meet the BASIC NEEDS of their families
Akola women now have the ability to SAVE their earnings beyond tomorrow!

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