At Akola, we know that hope transforms. We see it every day in our project.
When Akola gives women opportunity through vocational training, dependable jobs, and empowerment programs,
they discover a newfound hope, and that hope transforms their lives, their families, and their entire communities

So when our beloved city of Dallas was hit with tragedy, 
we knew how we needed to respond: with hope

Together, the Akola board, staff, and members are inviting you to join us in igniting hope in our city again.
Hope cancels hate, and hope transforms

Will you join us?

Will you engage in hope; create hope; ignite hope?
For our city, our nation, and our world. 

All around the city of Dallas, you will find jars decorated by Akola members asking you to fill them with your one hope.
Choosing to engage in hope transforms, and it inspires others to do the same.
Choose hope with us. 

Akola will be sharing your hopes on social media, asking the world to join us in choosing hope, not hate.
Share your hopes on social media too using
#OneHopeOneDallas #Akola to join the movement. 

Together we can ignite hope, not hate.