International Day to End Obstetric Fistula

Join us today to support the United Nation's International Day to End Obstetric Fistula. Akola has partnered with the UGANDA FISTULA FUND FOR TERREWODE to support the construction of the first women's fistula hospital in Uganda to help end suffering from the worst of birth injuries. 

"Fistula is fully preventable when all women and girls have access to high-quality, comprehensive reproductive health services.
Let us join forces to eliminate this 
global injustice."

- United Nations Secretary, Ban Ki-moon

After laboring for days, imagine how it feels to lose your baby and find yourself left with a devastating medical condition called obstetric fistula. Caused by obstructed labor without access to a cesarean section, this birth injury takes the life of the baby and leaves the mother with constant incontinence. Often ostracized from family and community, fistula leaves women subjected to a life of physical and mental anguish.

The UGANDA FISTULA FUND FOR TERREWODE will build the first hospital in Uganda dedicated to improving reproductive health and healing of rural Ugandan women enduring the tragedy of fistula, which numbers about 2,000 annually. 

Specialized reparative surgery will close the fistula, the hole caused by the unrelieved pressure of days-long labor. The tiny hole is due to compression and destruction of internal soft tissues in the walls of her reproductive and excretory systems. Surgical repair to close the hole and stop the leakage is her only hope and costs about $500 in Uganda. Terrewode's compassionate staff will also provide the necessary long-term recovery, rehab and rest for proper healing to restore a dignified, healthy life. 

The UGANDA FISTULA FUND, founded by global women's health professionals in Eugene, Oregon, supports the work of Terrewode in Soroti, Uganda. For 15 years, TERREWODE has provided surgery and reproductive healthcare to women in rural East Uganda using a regional hospital. Now, Uganda Fistula Fund for Terrewode will have a dedicated, specialized hospital to serve these women. 

Photo By Hazel & Pine

Our limited edition bracelet was lovingly made by the women of Akola in Jinja, Uganda and Dallas, Texas. By purchasing this special bracelet, you are supporting a holistic women's hospital to offer free, safe and effective fistula repair surgery, as well as education, family planning services and preventative care for impoverished women.  

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