Give The Gift of Empowerment

Akola exists to empower women with income-earning opportunities and holistic skills so they can transform their lives, the lives of their children and become agents of change in their communities. 

We work with women in Uganda who have survived 25 years of civil war, the HIV/AIDS crisis, have little opportunity, and who are stuck in extreme rural poverty. In 2015, Akola started a pilot program to work with women in Dallas - women who are being rehabilitated from the sex trade, incarceration, and women struggling with their immigration status. 

At Akola, we believe that these women are destined for more than just survival. Akola fuses income earning opportunities with nonprofit programs, or Akola Academy, which are completely separate from the business. Akola members face major obstacles to maintaining steady employment, such as gender discrimination and criminal records. These programs equip Akola members with health, wellness, education, ministry support, leadership training, business training, financial literacy to overcome those obstacles in a caring environment, thereby empowering them to maintain steady employment. 

By giving $100, you can provide all of these programs to an Akola woman for 1 month. We invite you to give a gift that will bring hope and opportunity to a woman working hard to transform the lives of her family. 

Ways You're Empowering Women: