Tinsley Earring - Akola Project
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Tinsley Earring


        • Akola empowers women to transform their families and communities. Your purchase will provide the income for Akola women to provide the basic needs for their family.

        • Hand-rolled Karatasi bead hand-wrapped with gold chain with gold-toned chain and earring topper.

        • In preparation for this collection, Akola has trained and employed women in poverty in Uganda to hand-roll and hand-wrap Karatasi beads.

      • We suggest the following tips for keeping your Akola jewelry looking beautiful:
      • Store your Akola jewelry in soft fabrics or sealed baggies to prevent scratching, tangling, and slow down the effect of oxidation due to environmental exposure.
      • Take off your Akola jewelry when you wash or do any physical activities.
      • Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, perfume, lotion and cleaning products that are responsible for the oxidation of plating and damage metals.
      • Pieces composed of natural materials (horn, sea glass, stone) will vary in color, shape, and pattern.


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