DIY Bracelet Jar - Akola Project
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DIY Bracelet Jar


      • Akola empowers women to transform their families and communities. Your purchase will provide the income for Akola women to provide the basic needs for their family. These specific pieces are hand-rolled by over 200 women and mothers living in rural villages of Uganda. This skill allows them to work from the comforts of their own home so they can look after their children while earning a source of income. 

      • Hand-rolled Karatasi beads in assorted colors for you to design and create your own Akola bracelet.

    • We suggest the following tips for keeping your Akola jewelry looking beautiful:
    • Store your Akola jewelry in soft fabrics or sealed baggies to prevent scratching, tangling, and slow down the effect of oxidation due to environmental exposure.
    • Take off your Akola jewelry when you wash or do any physical activities.
    • Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, perfume, lotion and cleaning products that are responsible for the oxidation of plating and damage metals.
    • Pieces composed of natural materials (horn, sea glass, stone) will vary in color, shape, and pattern.


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