Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Akola Dallas!

“O come, all ye faithful, joyful, and triumphant!” If there were ever words to describe our Akola Dallas ladies, these are it. Faithful, joyful, and triumphant. Faithful to show up to work each day and hopeful for their future. Full of joy for the life they have been given and the community they get to share it with. Triumphant – daily overcoming their burdens and striving to improve their families.

This past Saturday we gathered at our Dallas Headquarters downtown to celebrate the holiday season together. Christmas classics crooned over the radio, while we nibbled on homemade cookies and sipped hot cocoa. Moms taught their kids and husbands how to make the bracelets they so carefully make for our customers. Kiddos ran (safely) amok on the patio outside while we snapped a few Christmas card photos.

Santa had some help from his trusty elf, baby Diego!

This gathering of the faithful, joyful, and triumphant women we know so well was more than just a time for holiday cheer. It was a time for families to meet other families, for women to share their craft and show off their hard work, and for all to celebrate together each other’s triumphs.

Photography by Kelsey Lemons.