Introducing our Collections

Color Collection

Meticulously hand-rolled paper beads in the latest Pantone colors each season. These paper beads can take as long as 10 minutes to roll and are finished in a non-toxic varnish. The Color Collection employs hundreds of women between bead rolling and product assembly and are among the most popular styles with Akola's retail partners and customers.

Some Of Our Favorite Pieces

Small Leaf Pendant Necklace in Indigo (Fall 2015)

Adara & Nova in Mint (Spring 2015)

Drape in Sunflower (Spring 2015)

Horn Collection

The Ankole cow is an indigenous source of food for the Uganda people. Their horns are ethically sourced as food byproduct and hand-carved in to beautiful pieces assembled by Akola women.

Some Of Our Favorite Pieces

Luna in Onyx (Fall 2015)

Zodian (Spring 2015)

Tarsis (Fall 2013)

Seaglass Collection

This collection features glass beads from the African coast in hues of blush, aqua, and pistachio. Akola women are currently being trained on a Kilim to internalize the production of glass beads. 

Some Of Our Favorite Pieces

Egyptian Collar (Fall 2015)

Hydra in Chocolate (Fall 2015) 

Metal Collection

The beads in this collection are hand-cast by village artisans in Ethiopia from upcycled metals. Each piece is assembled by and empowering hundreds of Akola women in Uganda and Dallas. 

Some Of Our Favorite Pieces

Token and Gemma (Spring 2015)

Gemini (Spring 2015)