100% Socially Reinvested
100% of Akola sales are reinvested into our mission to transform families.
Life-Saving Luxury
Neiman Marcus x Akola - The Holiday Collection
Akola x Neiman Marcus
Life-Saving Luxury. Akola's elevated collection retails in every Neiman Marcus store nationwide and online. This collection is made by 100 women coming out of poverty in Dallas and 100% of Akola's profits are reinvested in our social mission to empower women and families.
Akola Classics
Akola's mass-market line features our signature paper-beads and pendants that are hand-made by over 400 Akola-trained women in 7 communities across Uganda. Each bead is hand-rolled and supports a family of 10.
Akola Contemporary
Akola - "she works"
At Akola, design can define a life. For every necklace purchased, Akola designs a new story for a woman and a family. As a non-profit, Akola reinvests 100% of your purchase to support employment, training and programs that transform the lives of women and their families.
Full-Impact Brand
Creating a social impact throughout the entire supply chain. Our raw materials represent a life changed. Through assembly, Akola trains and employs women in Dallas and Uganda who make a living wage of up to $15 an hour to hand-assemble all Akola jewelry.
Made by 500 Women in Poverty
Dallas / Uganda. In Uganda, the Akola woman lives in extreme poverty and has survived the HIV-AIDS epidemic and 20-year war. In Dallas, she can be a victim of sex-trafficking, was formally incarerated and marginalized. To date, Akola has empowered over 500 women who have transformed the lives of 4,000 children.